babe rainbow
peter blake ra
screenprint on tin

17.5" x 26" (44cm x 66cm)

A vivid 1968 screenprint on tin by Peter Blake for Dodo Designs. It depicts a vintage pop-era subject of Blake's imagination; Babe Rainbow the female wrestler.

One of a highly coveted series, Babe Rainbow "is twenty-three years old and has broken her nose in the ring. She was born in New Cross, London and wrestles mainly in Europe and the USA as there have only been a few contests between lady wrestlers in London. She is the daughter of the notorious Doktor K Tortur."

It is in good condition with minor wear at one corner and a small scratch at the bottom. It can be hung with the purpose-made holes at each corner, or could be framed to fully celebrate its beauty.

It is inscribed with the artist name, title and maker to the reverse. Biographies of Babe Rainbow and Peter Blake are also provided.

Price: £1,250